Hormones, Birth & Women’s Health

Whether you’re a health practitioner, doula, or enthusiast, learn how to balance hormones, track menstrual cycles, understand diagnostic tests, and support women’s health across the entire lifespan.


Focus your learning and choose a specific topic to increase your knowledge.


Understand the common signs and symptoms associated with hormonal imbalances. This high-level instruction will provide you with detailed information about the organ systems involved in the endocrine processes.


An advanced level course that highlights accuracy and precision of the most common blood tests that are routinely completed at a GP’s office. Gain proficiency and confidence to review and analyze laboratory tests, allowing you to design effective treatments for your patients.


Five case studies presented offer you a deep understanding of common hormonal pathologies. You will be presented with step-by-step holistic protocols for each one.


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Learn about the phases of the menstrual cycle and how to cycle-chart. Empower yourself with an understanding of hormones.


Gain insight into herbs and foods for supporting the life phases from puberty to postmenopause of the anatomical woman.


Learn about specific health conditions connected to hormone imbalances. Equip yourself with herbal treatments to alleviate symptoms and restore hormonal harmony in your patients.

Learn about menstrual cycle charting and herbal medicine applications online.

Learn from 4 in-depth menstrual cycle charting case studies. Gain insight into patient history, symptom presentation, and herbal treatments.


Be guided by one the top Tui Na instructors globally and start mastering your Tui Na and Moxibustion techniques. Learn how to foster deep connections with your patients to improve clinical results.


The online instruction manual for pregnancy, birth, and early parenting that you have been waiting for. Understand the entire pregnancy and birth process and what it means to be a parent.

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Students are saying…

  • “Worth every penny! I was impressed with every single course. Each instructor had something so unique to bring and such rich knowledge to share. I would recommend it to anyone interested in plants or holistic health/wellness. It felt so well-rounded, I’m very happy. Thank you for creating this program.”

    Home Herbalist Online Program

    Lauren - Victoria, BC, Canada
  • “I cook for a lot of clients as a Doula and wanted to have more tangible information about holistic nutrition to apply in my work. I have thoroughly enjoyed deepening my knowledge of holistic nutrition and have found a new found love for cooking in the kitchen. I am grateful I invested in myself and took this course, I know it will be valuable to me for many years to come.”

    Holistic Nutrition Online Program

    Deanna - Toronto, ON, Canada
  • “My grandmother is Métis, but my family never taught my sister and me about our Indigenous roots… [she] used to give us Rat Root and Echinacea when we were sick and tell us where to find them. This course for me symbolizes the beginning of learning about my heritage and my journey to finally connecting with something that’s felt in line with my soul since being a little girl. I’m very, very grateful.”

    Community Herbalist Online Program

    Holly McKellar - Edmonton, AB, Canada