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Anemia & Iron Deficiency Without Anemia: Pathophysiology, Lab Interpretation & Treatment Approaches

Avoid common errors in anemia diagnosis, interpret lab tests, and make clinical or personal treatment decisions with confidence.

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Holistic Nutrition for Winter according to TCM

Understand why some people love and feel deeply replenished in winter, and why some experience common seasonal afflictions, including depression or SAD, free-floating anxiety, sluggishness, arthritis, low back pain, and susceptibility to colds and flu. Many of these ailments can indicate an imbalance in Water energy, a concept closely associated with the Kidneys and Bladder in TCM’s Five Element Theory. Discover how to harmonize your Water energy through foods, spiritual, and lifestyle practices.

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Centering the Earth Element: TCM for Late Summer

Late summer in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is thought of as the fifth season, and is ruled by the element of Earth. Earth is considered to be the ‘centre’ of all of the elements and organs, and rules our Spleen/Stomach (digestion). The spirit of Spleen (the Yi, or intellect) influences our ability to study, concentrate, and memorize. During periods of seasonal transition, one can easily feel ungrounded and experience increased worry, mental fatigue, and digestive complaints. Learn how to feel stable during inevitable shifts with ancient TCM practices that increase Earth element vitality.

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Holistic Nutrition for Spring according to TCM

Learn how to feel your best during spring with Traditional Chinese Medicine foods, lifestyle, and spiritual suggestions. Understand what health ailments can manifest when there is Wood energy imbalance, the element of spring, and how to create alignment in your body and mind.

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  • “Worth every penny! I was impressed with every single course. Each instructor had something so unique to bring and such rich knowledge to share. I would recommend it to anyone interested in plants or holistic health/wellness. It felt so well-rounded, I’m very happy. Thank you for creating this program.”

    Home Herbalist Online Program

    Lauren - Victoria, BC, Canada
  • “I cook for a lot of clients as a Doula and wanted to have more tangible information about holistic nutrition to apply in my work. I have thoroughly enjoyed deepening my knowledge of holistic nutrition and have found a new found love for cooking in the kitchen. I am grateful I invested in myself and took this course, I know it will be valuable to me for many years to come.”

    Holistic Nutrition Online Program

    Deanna - Toronto, ON, Canada
  • “My grandmother is Métis, but my family never taught my sister and me about our Indigenous roots… [she] used to give us Rat Root and Echinacea when we were sick and tell us where to find them. This course for me symbolizes the beginning of learning about my heritage and my journey to finally connecting with something that’s felt in line with my soul since being a little girl. I’m very, very grateful.”

    Community Herbalist Online Program

    Holly McKellar - Edmonton, AB, Canada